First Stroke TO

(By removing the blood on the tip of each finger of one hand and the tip of the lobe).

There is one best way to provide first aid to people who get seizures Stroke.

This can save lives in addition to the patient, also did not cause any side effects.

First this is a guaranteed emergency aid that can be successful 100% ..

As is known, people who get the attack Stroke, all
blood flow in the body will be very tight to the blood vessel in the brain. When the help is given only a little late, the blood vessel in the brain will not be strong to withstand the flow of blood that flows with a swift and will soon be broken up. In such a situation do not panic but to be quiet.

Ø Sipenderita must remain the place where he fell (eg dikamar bath, bedroom, or wherever). DO NOT move!
because with the move from the place of the original speed akan
rupture of blood vessel in the brain smooth. People should be assisted to take
A good sitting position in order not to fall again, and at the time of blood can be done.

To best use the syringe, but if not there,
the sewing needle / needle PENTUL / pin can be used with the first
first sterilized first with the way the fire burned over. Immediately after the sterile needle, do pricking the finger end 10 TANGAN.

Transfixion point about 1cm from the tip of the nail. Each finger is ditusuk 1 time only in the hope that each finger out drops of blood.

Expenditure of blood can also be assisted with the blood when dipencet
is not out of the fingertips. In a period of approximately 10
minutes, the patient will regain consciousness soon.

When the mouth wry look sipenderita / not normal, then the Second leaf
Ear sipenderita necessary to Pull-up color

Then do 2 TIMES transfixion on each Ujung Bawah
Helix so that the blood out of 2 drops of each edge
lobe. Thus, in a few minutes of the mouth
people will return to normal.

After the patient to recover the situation and there is no deviation of
means, then take the patient carefully to the doctor or home
Nearby pain to get further help.

As a way to devote labor, should e-mail this
distributed to friends, family and relationships-and relationships
community, because this attack stroke can occur in anyone
and wherever
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