Achieve the maximum potential life

Each person crave a better future; success in his career,
household and social relations, but we often hit by various
constraints. And thus have the biggest obstacles in our own self.
Through his work, Joel Osteen challenging us to think out of the pattern of
narrow and begin to think with the new paradigm.

There are 7 steps that we achieve the maximum potential of life:

* The first step is to expand insight. You must make this life
with eyes of faith, look to yourselves are melesat a higher level.
You must have a clear mental picture of what you will achieve.
This picture should be a part of yourself, the benakmu, in percakapanmu,
trickle down to the natural mind sadarmu, in the doings and in every
kehidupanmu aspects.

* Step two is to develop a healthy self-image. That means you must
melandasi image above yourself what God says about you.
Keberhasilanmu achieve the goal depends on how you look
yourself and what you feel about yourself. Because it will determine
level of confidence in your act. The fact that you will not be
melesat been higher than what you think about yourself

* Step three is to find behind the mind and the strength of your word.
Target is the main enemy attack pikiranmu. He knew if he
successfully control and manipulate what you think, then he
akan successfully control and manipulate all kehidupanmu.
Thoughts determine behavior, attitudes and self-image. Mind set of the goal.
The Bible warns us to always keep one's mind.

* Step four is to release the past, let it go ...
You may have lost all that no one should mengalaminya
in this life. If you want to live berkemenangan, you may not use
past trauma as a pretext to make choices that bad at this time.
You must not dare to make the past as a top reason burukmu attitude
for this, or does not justify tindakanmu to forgive someone.

* Step five is to find the strength in the worst circumstances even
We have to be: "I can drop several times in this life, but
but I will not continue to live under there. "We all face
challenges in life. We all have certain things that come
attack us. We may be from the outside, but the key to life
berkemenangan is learning how to rise again from the inside.

* Step six is to give with joy. One of the biggest challenges
that we face is the temptation to be selfish life.
For we know that God really want the best for us,
He wants us to prosper, to enjoy kemurahanNya and more that he provided for us,
but sometimes we forget and get stuck in to the behavior itself.
Indeed, we will experience more joy than ever be
when we want to share life with other people.

* Step seven is to choose to be happy today. You do not have to wait
until all persoalanmu resolved. You must not delay happiness
until you reach all sasaranmu. God blessed you want any kondisimu,

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