Your Body Clock biological

Did you know that in the body in the hours we have set the biological function of what should be done in the body naturally? Biological clock is set to function when the body must rest, when the body needs food or other activities conducted by the body for 24 hours. Hour biological timer can be run because of the Suprachiasmatic Nuclei (SCN). Knowing that there are cycles in our bodies, we can know when the body in optimal condition so that what we do is also useful for optimal health.

Why nod Night Day?
Have you ever asked, why we feel sleepy at night? Or why when the rural communities who do not have power tend to sleep more quickly? The answer is because of the hormone melatonin. SCN will be ordered to remove the body's hormone melatonin during the dark days already. Furthermore, the hormone melatonin akan ordered the body to rest. However, the presence of the electric atmosphere that night into the light of preventing the hormone melatonin, at this hour so that people sleep late at night more than before.

Body ClockTubuh we easily adapt. For example, for workers who work at night, SCN akan adapting hormone melatonin in the issue so that they will stay awake despite the dark days already. When the late night, we will experience more drowsiness, is due to the hormone melatonin produced by the increase and also decrease the body temperature and blood pressure in the body.

Why are you Capable of holding urine when the Bedroom?
Have you ever ask why even sleep more than 8 hours, you do not want to feel a small void at the time of fall? When we sleep, the body produces the hormone vasopressin prevent the urine so that we can sleep without the need to interfere to a small room.

Biological Day Morning Jam
During the morning, drink a glass of warm water that will encourage the enzyme-enzyme is in the mouth to the stomach for the detoxification process. Wait 20 minutes before you consume breakfast drink or other, because when the time is less than 20 minutes, the benefits generated less optimal.

Sports at 5 am less useful because of low body temperature and muscle have not been hot. Berolahragalah 7 am. On this day the body produces hormones that increase serotonin mood. Bask in the sun the morning can increase the production of this hormone.
Our body is in optimal conditions after 3 hours sleep wake. At that time, blood flow through the body is so perfect with all the necessary substance the body can be met properly.

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