Not often means sweating Healthy

Many people assume a lot of sweat is healthy. In fact, according to dr.H.Mohammad Hadad, SpA in the writings, the jargon comes from sub-tropical countries, is also in the winter and snow.

So that the expression is not relevant for use in the tropics such as in this country. Next dr.H.Mohammad Hadad, SpA said that in tropical countries, without any sport, the body is sweating. In the sweaty bodies also do not feel comfortable, can even cause sickness.

One of the diseases that can come sweat is mostly due to pneumonia. Pneumonia (long ontsteking, pneumonia or lung wet) so popular nowadays, as they often appear as complications, cause of death in people with bird flu.

Also be triggered pneumonia complications and causes of death from measles disease and influenza, especially in children anak.Terjadinya pneumonia as a complication and cause of death is diseases can be prevented, if the body does not interfere in the running of one of the important tasks.

It is important that the work be done ordinary cells that coat the inside of respiratory channels. Each cell has approximately 200 silia (a kind of hair that is fine) and remove the liquid in the liquid surface.

Silia that move regularly 10 - 20 times per second without stopping, wipe down with a speed of 1 cm per minute to the throat, and then unwittingly swallowed. Normally, dust, bacteria, smoke, and the like are inherent in the fluid, and net disapu of respiratory channels.

BerkeringatSelain summer, the fluid is also a channel to keep the breath is always wet. Nah, too much heat issue, it will cause the liquid to be dry and sticky, so that it can not gather and flowed into sputum, plus breath clog the channel. Channels breath cause that stopped coughing and shortness of breath. Then, develop biaknya-germs can cause bronchitis and lung wet.

For short-term healing can with water and remove the phlegm use of tools and drugs, or usually known as steam inhalation. There is a more rational and long term, physiological and easily, namely by preventing excessive sweat secretion.

Drinking a lot will be futile, if ruangannya still close, because akan out through sweat. His air is very humid tropical countries (many contain moisture) so that we sweat very easily. Moisture out of breath when the issue reached 11 times more than the air when dihisap interesting breath.

So, in a room ventilasinya less, air akan bertambab more humid, CO2 increases and decreases oksigennya, so that the body becomes very weak, it was riot. To overcome this, the room is not air-conditioned to be always open so that fresh air can enter from outside. The fan does not have to use if there is no fresh air from outside into the room. Avoid cigarette smoke that contains many monoxide that can not be cleaned by the AC and oxygen into the blood cells.
Hopefully these tips useful for us who live in this tropical area. Remember that health is starting from the prime things that small. Congratulations to celebrate healthy living ...!

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