Based on the type of people own the car

Type time someone can easily legible through temperamen and attitudes someone. But this time, the personality of someone seen the car and the selected use. How akuratkah this? Let us try to see.

City car, for example Karimun, Atoz, Honda Jazz and the like.

According to results of research, type of car someone shows attitude and lifestyle the owner. People choose the type of car city car or small car, the person who is pro-environment. But in the big city, the reason for choosing a small car is to make it easier to park in the car, they do not reflect the environment.

However rider type small car, is still not the same as other types of motorist. They are the people not to make the car as a free ticket, and they did not find the type of status kendaraannya. They are not the person who workoholik, so his life more relaxed, but also the type that is not ostentatious wealth. The owners of this type of car just want to give impact to the earth and a car that's easy to get a parking place.

Middle-class car, sedan, and the like.

The owners of this type of car, according to researchers who are boring. Most car users are women who like to stay at home, but high income. People with this type of car do not like to drive away with the car, and lifestyle is easier to guess.

Expensive cars, for example, Cadillac, Lexus, and the like.

Owner clearly pursuer status, and still prefer to drive in the distance. The men and those who have pengsiun usually like this type of car. And surely the car owners were educated and high income.

And according to psychographic, the type of person this is the type of "achievers" - focusing on benefits, work insanity, and independent.

Sports car, BMW or Porsches

They are the adventurous type, even those who cherish the car so it does not have to use. Sport car owner was not a very high income, they are visible from here are those who dare to take risks. People of this type of entry in category "emulator", is still young, not financial stable, and lower self. They want to make people impressed with himself ktika see that the car uses.

Car van or minivan, Kijang example, Panter and the like.

The owner of this car is that people tend to be soft and like socializing. Mereka menyukai bepergian dengan mobilnya, kebanyakan wanita, tinggal di lingkuangan sub-urban dan memiliki anak.

Car Pickup

Most car owners are not satisfied with the pickup of life, very mad work, low-educated, and full-time employees, other than that they have some side jobs. And their secondary.

In addition to the type of car, this can also be seen from the color of car they choose.

Black: rebel and aggressive personality

Silver: quiet, and penyendiri.

Green: reactive.

Yellow: idealist.

Blue: love and reflect carefully

Red: the person who berenergi.

White: pursuer status, like socializing.

Beige: love control.
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