Alcohol: stimulate passion, but make you :P

Drinking habits or swallow large amounts of beer or wine that can take power. In fact, there are often, alcohol is used as the passion to have sex before. Many ads in various print media products drink can cause an impression warm, sexy and full of love.

According to Dr. Eugene Schoenfeld of San Francisco and author Dr Hippocrates in the various newspapers in the United States, alcohol is an example of a drug so widely used, but not regarded merely as a medicine. "In larger doses, there was depression and slowing reflex. Alcohol is actually a result of stimulation due to release barriers that exist," tulisnya as quoted from the book Sexual Nutrition (Sexual Nutirition) written by Dr Morton Walker.

Dr. Eugene Schoenfeld says, drink habits beralkhohol cause liver produces a large amount of enzyme that can destroy testosteron, Libido hormone of men. A research university in California indicates that most men can not ereksi drink after drink three times the dose of each 1 oz. Because alcohol reduces the production of testosteron, habits of heavy drinking can cause permanent impotensi, and even a tendency in the male sterile.

Nevertheless, some people with a strong personal character can still ereksi even in heavy intoxication. Sexual abuse research experts, dr dr CW Sheppard and GR Gay concluded, taking into account the benefit of the doubt in the use of excessive, does not make sense to also use Stimulation of materials that contain alcohol.

"Someone who can not react to stimulation psikoseksual should always seek professional help. In general, drink only disappointment, not on sexual improvement," write Gray and Sheppard in the report that was published in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology.

Still in a report written Shepperd and Gray, said that people who drink alcohol, enthusiasm can be increased, but only increased penisnya only temporary, ereksinya was only half hard. Actual impact of alcohol in all its forms, whiskey, wine and beer, can make the penis flaccid loyo alias. The drunk, the more weak-kneed.

What about women? Some women say, the effect drink can make a passionate ride. According to research psychologist dr dr GT Wilson and DM Lawson, the woman was drunk faster and more drunk than older men. Women absorb alcohol more quickly and more menahannya first in the blood than men. As a result, it can be dangerous to the fetus.

Experiment which is called Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS), alcohol syndrome fetus that the experts at the University of North Carolina, say, interference on the fetus can occur in three weeks of pregnancy, long before female self-conscious self pregnancy.

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